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From handicap to encounter !

Disabled or not, every relationship begins with a first meeting. Don't skip it like many men and women have already done, by coming to our dating site for disabled people, then you too find the partner you need ! Join us for free now !

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+9 500 Registered

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On, the tools and possibilities are numerous. Whether you come for a romantic encounter, friendly or naughty, you will have all the features you need to meet people with disabilities easily and quickly.

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Surf discreetly and in total anonymity on our dating site.


Your informations, your exchanges and other data are confidential.

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Define the scope of your disabled meetings, even abroad.

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Opt for webcam video to chat live with members.


Follow the evolution of your profile and its performance thanks to statistics.


Increased visibility upon your arrival on our dating site to maximize your chances.

How it works ?

Dating on the internet is not complicated, even when looking for people with disabilities or have a disability. 4 steps and a few clicks are enough for you to find the right person.

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Discover the profiles of men and women with a disability already registered or online on our site.


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Meet for a romantic relationship, friendly or naughty in a quick and easy way.

They trust us !

Why choose us ?

I had come without much conviction, then finally, I found much more here than what I had come looking for. Naughty encounters above all, then finally, it turned into a serious relationship !



the 15/07/2021

A simple but effective site that will have allowed me to quickly meet new people despite a disability. Unlike other sites where I felt left out, here I was able to be myself.


the 19/07/2021, what's this ?

Welcome to, our dating site for disabled people. As you will understand when you arrive on this page, it is a platform that aims to connect men and women, for both loving ends, that friendly and naughty, around a common universe, disability and illnesses.

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Why choose and use such a dating site ?

There are many services aimed at meeting other people as can be seen on this blog. Whether it is mobile applications, chats or even websites. But very few ultimately offer a complete solution, that is to say including the three, people with disabilities. The majority of these sites also, are mainly based on appearance. But when you have a disability or an illness, we often feel left out, because somewhat different.

On our website we just put things in their place, by offering a dating service around this. Here, everything that could previously be disabling is no longer ! Far from being an advantage or an asset of seduction, the fact remains that you will not be left behind, quite the contrary !

What type of man or woman on ?

On we find all types of men and women. Great(e)s just like little ones(e)s, young people like seniors or even gays like straight people. This is indeed all our strength and the biggest advantage of Chat-handicape, it is precisely that we do not reserve our dating site for disabled people to a specific audience or to a specific type of woman and man, if we of course exclude disability and illness.

Here then, anyone can come, if for you this difference is not a problem. So, you can come if you are disabled and looking for singles to meet, just as you can come if you are not but would like to meet a disabled single person !

How to meet disabled people(e)s on our site ?

Meeting people with disabilities is actually very easy on our site since it is entirely dedicated to this. Unlike other platforms or applications that you have to search for hours to find someone compatible, on our site it's quick and easy ! Of course, you must first register and create an account on our site and then log in. Once this is done, you will then have access to our member interface, but above all to all the Chat-Handicape options. You will be able to find profiles of people with a disability thanks to our search tools, both in France and abroad. Just as you will be able to discuss and exchange with them thanks to our communication tools. Or to meet you, to entertain you, to seduce, etc .. - Handicapped Dating